Safer Space Meetings

GQC is as safe a space as we can make it. To that end, we have several working agreements that we reaffirm at the beginning of each meeting . Our working agreements currently include:

Oops/ Ouch: if someone says something that rubs you the wrong way, you can say “ouch.” They then must say “oops” and we all work it out, either during or after the meeting with a moderator available to mediate. It can be for something serious or just a relatively minor reminder to let someone know they were a little clumsy with their words, i.e. “Ouch, not everyone here identifies as nonbinary.”

Consent for Touching: ask and wait for consent before you touch someone else. There are many members who love to hug, but having your arms already up and out in full bear attack mode doesn’t give people the space to decide for themselves. Checking in before initiating anything is how we respect everyone’s agency and still have opportunities for fun physical contact.

One Diva, One Mic: respect folks by not interrupting and keeping discussions relatively easier to understand with one person speaking at a time.

Don’t Assume: we respect each other by trying not to assume anything about anyone’s identity, gender, pronouns, out status in a space or otherwise. Don’t assume malicious intent. You don’t have to assume positive intent if the impact wasn’t great, either. Not everyone knows what they are doing or has everyone else’s best interests at heart, but don’t jump into things like other people are deliberately trying to mess with you. Check in with an “ouch” to let folks know they are coming off to you as ignorant or otherwise less than charming.

Chatham House Rule: learning leaves, but names stay.

Own It: To keep things in perspective, try and speak from your own experiences, using “I” statements. statements that start out with “My cousin’s teacher’s next door neighbor’s dog says that the One True Way to be a Proper Trans Person is…” end in aggravation in tears. When in doubt, if you strayed too far into declaring something as universal, you can end it with, “as I understand it”.

Under the Influence: Don’t show up visibly drunk or high.

Escape Route: Anyone can leave the room at any time, and return when they are ready, no questions asked.

Use Your Blinkers: Give a heads up before something you say takes a dark turn, to give people time to prepare or use Escape Route.

Sparkle Fingers: We wiggle our fingers as a silent affirmation, listening is a valid contribution

Please note: researchers and reporters are strictly forbidden from attending meetings in their professional capacities. However, inquiries can be directed to genderqueerchicago@gmail.com.


The Blog

In keeping with our commitment to maintaining safer spaces for our community, Genderqueer Chicago will not publish any submission or comment deemed hate speech.  This can include any statement that is blatantly transphobic, racist, ableist, sexist, classist, xenophobic, homophobic, ageist. etc.  Likewise, any submission or comment that references non-consensual violent acts committed against people or animals will not be published.

Posting:  The Genderqueer Chicago Organizing Team reserves the right not to publish anything deemed offensive, malicious, irrelevant to the community, or otherwise inappropriate.  Business advertisements and messages (as in candidates and elections) will not be published.  All blog submissions are read by our organizing team.  If a submission is deemed unacceptable for publishing (including irrelevant to the community), organizers will notify the author by e-mail.  Author may re-submit pieces with edits.

All blog submissions should be original in content and not under copyright law. Submissions should include a title and publishing name.  Submissions to the GqC blog may be used by their author for other purposes.  Submissions should not be used by readers without explicit permission from the author (GqC organizers can help facilitate this). Submissions that non-consensually out people or use their names will not be posted.

Submissions that are exceptionally long should be published in parts.

Comments:  All comments are approved by GqC admins and are screened in accordance with aforementioned posting policy.  Any comment deemed offensive, hateful, or inappropriate will be deleted.

Comments that do not blatantly violate the posting policy but could be deemed offensive to the author or others, will be forwarded to the author for approval.  The author will have the final call as to whether or not a discriminatory remark is published.