Navigating Binary Gender Spaces

There are still a lot of spaces in our society where strict binary gender roles are assumed. Family, religion, work, or other spaces that we can’t always avoid. For many of us our mere presence is breaking gender norms, or even if we could fit into a gender norm it is extremely uncomfortable. What are some strategies to minimize the scrutiny and the discomfort? How do we decide when it is acceptable to bail? Is there a way to make these spaces better besides “exist harder”? Let’s collaborate on some ideas!

Wednesday, January 9th, 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Center on Halsted, 2nd Floor John Baran Hall (to the left of the 2nd floor desk)
3656 N. Halsted St.

Genderqueer Chicago is as safe a space as we can make it. To help with this, we have some working agreements that we would like all who come to meetings to keep in mind while within our safe space meetings. Please check out our working agreements here.
Safe space meetings are strictly closed to researchers and reporters in their professional capacities. Meetings are open to anyone else wanting to talk and think about gender! For more info, give us a shout at!

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